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We Are Seeking International Insurance Agents!


We are paying commissions in dollars!  

We are looking for international insurance advisors who are able to personally attend clients
and prospects in their city & country. Clients need help to complete the application process, 
medical exams, (if applicable),  while maintaining the clients privacy.
You are entitled to commissions for insurance renewals by your clients on a yearly/monthly basis.
The International Insurance companies pay claims in U.S. dollars, or any currency

You should contact us if:

Tel: USA 480-345-0191   Fax: USA 480-345-6834  Vonage: 480-445-9324
tell us your name, address, country, email address, & a paragraph of information about yourself
We will need to send you forms for you to fill-out & return. 
- International Insurance - Seguros Inc.





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