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Residing or visiting outside your country of citizenship may create challenges for your healthcare program. Your government insurance may not provide enough coverage. Brief trips or extended relocations expose you to risks which may not be covered by your medical insurance. We provide solutions to protect yourself from a financial crisis due to accidents and unforeseen illnesses while abroad.  Even seasoned business travelers often overlook the need for international health insurance, assuming that their domestic medical plan will provide coverage. We offer excellent plans including air ambulance by the very best insurers offering 24 hour availability , experience with any language pay international claims in any currency incl. U.S. dollars, are rated by AM Best as "A" or better. Get a custom & personalized free quotation here OR  its simple to get an instant quote now via the following buttons:  You may need Adobe Reader  to view the brochures below:                           SEE BELOW
IMG Intl. Medical Plans
Long Term Medical Coverage
IMG Outreach Missionary Travel Medical Plans
Short term up to 3yr
Traveler Medical Plans
Short Term Medical - 1 week up to 36 mos. For as little as 59 cents per day

Global Medical Network  USA Network PPO
Student International Medical Plans
 For Full Time Intl. Students
LIFE Insurance 
Covers worldwide. We have 20yr, 30yr & Perm but write to us here.....
Marine Vessel & Yacht Residents - Maritime
Health & Life Insurance

Employee Group Insure Plans 
Professionals Taking Frequent Trips
Where length of stay is under 30 days - This is a low-cost annual plan if you have health insurance in your home country
Mexican Insurance *Auto/Truck  

IMG Missionary Medical
Long term Medical Coverage

IMG Outreach Missionary Travel Medical Plans
Short term up to 3yr
IMG Outreach Missionary Group Travel Plans
5 or more people
IMG Intl. Travel/Medical Plans
Short Term Emergency Medical
IMG Intl. Medical Plans
Long Term Medical Coverage
TRIP Cancellation Elite Policy
Insure your trip against unforeseen events such as  Job Termination, Theft, Natural Disasters, Cruise Line Accident, Offering Medical & Evacuation - This is the BEST. See Benefits after clicking FREE QUOTE
IMG Intl. TRIP Basic Plans
Basic coverage for Theft, Job Loss, Natural Disasters, TRIP Cancellation, Medical - See benefits after clicking FREE QUOTE
IMG Intl. Marine Crew Plans
IMG Intl. Group Insure Plans
Basic multi-country coverage for key employees/ executives of two or more and dependents. Also covers their home country
IMG Extreme Sports Plans
For Outdoor Sports & Teams
Medical Air Evacuation
BUPA Medical Insurance Plans
Allnation Intl. Medical Plans
Low Cost Critical Illness Plans
Blue Cross HTH Travel Expat Plans  
We Seek Insurance Agents
Student Insurance
International Studies Worldwide
Short Term Medical
For USA Residents & USA Citizens Returning To USA from another country for short trips or if jobs, recent graduates, or people  needing coverage for less than 3 years. For: Arizona,Texas, Florida
Do you live in or traveling to Arizona? Texas? or Florida?  We are an Authorized Agent for these health insurance carriers and you may apply on-line: 

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Reasons You Need International Insurance Protection

Reasons Why We Would Like You To Choose Us

1. The cost of emergency medical air evacuation can be $6000 to $50,000 in U.S. Dollars 1. In some cases we are able to provide proof of insurance within 24 hrs & faster via the online application.
2. Trip Cancellation / Interruption * Trip Delay / Missed Connection * Medical Expense * Lost Baggage & Baggage Delay *  Accidental Death & Dismemberment * Opt. Flight Accident Plan 2. We help you through the claims reimbursement process.
3. Permanent health insurance plans to use worldwide! 3. We respect your privacy. All of your personal information remains private & we do not share it with third parties. 
4. Benefits are paid in U.S. Dollars, or any currency 4. We work only with a few of the best companies & they are rated highly by A.M. Best, they pay claims in U.S. Dollars, Some of these companies have been around for 30 years or more.
5. Visiting or moving to the U.S.A. or other countries. 5. We here at International Insurance-Seguros Inc. have 12 years of serving International & U.S. clients. We speak fluent Spanish / English and have the expertise to help you when you need it. We are available on the weekends.
6. You are involved in a foreign adoption or need medical insurance for Visa requirements 6. All information sent to this site, if it is an SSL session, is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties. 
7. Some countries require proof of International Health Insurance in order to grant a visa.  
8. Residing or visiting outside your country of citizenship may create challenges for your existing healthcare program. Medicare does not cover outside of the USA. See:
9. U.S. State Department strongly recommends all traveling citizens obtain proper International Health Insurance.  

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